Vlad’s Box has been my collection of random thoughts for more than a decade, albeit with periodic wipes. In its current and most recent incarnation, I’ve removed most of my own snarky remarks and instead turned it into a site of reflection, news, opinion and comments on current events or technical topics that pass by me.

About Vlad

Vlad — that’s me by the way — prefers to be known as just that. I work at a tech company in the SF Bay Area, which we shall leave unnamed, and which neither supports this site nor probably knows about it. In the evenings, rather than fume about whatever has occurred on the Interwebs, or posting on a random forum, I reflect on what I have learned during the day, structure it in words, and write it in this space. I invite anyone who might come across it to take part, read, or possibly contribute if you so feel like it.

Sometimes, I even do some original digging.