Nokia 8 pictures, details leak… looks cheaper than the 6?

VentureBeat has a piece on the upcoming Nokia 8, HMD’s flagship entry. It lists the customary high-end specs expected; Snapdragon 835, 4gb RAM, 64GB flash, dual camera, and higher end version available for more moolah. The piece also cites an unnamed “Scandinavian Retailer”, the source of which appears to be an entry a few days ago on, claiming said retailer had specified a €589 price for the new high-end headset. Otherwise, the handset seems to keep all the features of its smaller siblings, including the front face, apparent capacitive home button, and overall layout.

Visually, I can only identify three distinctions of this phone. The dual camera setup, the USB-C slot on the bottom, and a new backside that is reminiscent of the original iPhone, with its wide, smooth curve (hey, HMD, didn’t you hear Apple has a patent on rounded corners?). The rounding appears very sweeping, protruding across the side button and even shaving off some of the headphone jack. When compared to the already immaculately-looking Nokia 6, that visual reveal is relatively unimpressive, though at least HMD has earned the benefit of the doubt. When comparing the pricing though, if accurate, there’s going to be a tough sell to argue for why this flagship should be purchased.

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