Rumoured Galaxy Note8 details

VentureBeat claims to know the specs of the upcoming Galaxy Note8, and this one’s a doozie. Launching at €1000, this makes it the priciest Samsung launch to date, and within spitting distance of the €1020 iPhone 7 plus (128). That much money buys a phone with… a better screen, 6gb RAM, unspecified storage and dual back cameras. The phone is expected to launch late September.

The Surface Laptop is the Least Repairable Ever, and That’s Probably OK

iFixit recently tore down the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices. After many surface-themed puns, they hammered a verdict that these new devices were impressive “by being so much worse than [they] expected”. Like any self-respecting geek, I will read their teardowns and gleefully look at the innards of these shiny technical gadgets that we have.…

CEO Zuckerberg tweaks Facebook mission to focus on groups

Reuters reports that Facebook is tweaking its mission to focus on groups, the Facebook feature that creates online communities. This is an excellent choice, as it is well known that building online communities increases stickiness. This allows Facebook to try to dissuade people from leaving it for new social networks.

ThyssenKrupp demonstrates horizontal elevators

German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp has released a video (embedded above) demonstrating their new vertical-slash-horizontal dynamic elevator system, MULTI. This is effectively a set of self-driving elevators, where each cabin has its own electric motor. It is due to be installed in a development called East Side Tower in Berlin, Germany. The tower is due to open in 2020.

Polymer 2.0: Mixins Confusion

Polymer 2.0 shifts the inheritance tree of elements from behaviors to mixins. These are decorators applied to the superclass declarations, and work like functions. The Polymer documentation spends a few cycles on the subject matter, but, at least for me, left a whole lot to be desired when it came to explaining how multiple mixins…

Walmart telling vendors to not use AWS

The Wall Street Journal published an article telling their vendors to not use AWS for services that Walmart is consuming. Quoting Snowflake Computing, the company was apparently told not to run on AWS. It may less of an epic fight and more of Walmart avoiding leaking company data.

OnePlus caught cheating on OnePlus 5 benchmarks

Xda-developers has a detailed post out on how the OnePlus 5 cheats on Android benchmarks. This is similar to how many Android manufacturers cheated back in 2013, when Anandtech revealed that Samsung was doing it, followed by pretty much all the rest. Well, the game is on again, with the OnePlus 5 being christened the…

Whole Foods as Datacenters: Does it make sense?

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods continues to make ripples, with the latest one being quite unexpected. Dean Bubley of Disruptive Wireless speculates Amazon may turn these locations into mini data centers. This is unlikely for an array of reasons.