Nokia 6 Amazon Edition: A look at the ad-enhanced phone

The Nokia 6: Amazon Edition is here, right in time for Prime Day. Unfortunately, for me, the Prime Day deals were less-than-impressive, so I entertained myself instead greatly with unboxing, looking at, and gathering first impressions of the Nokia 6 handset. Not just any Nokia 6, but the Nokia 6 with Amazon Ads Edition. I’ll…

The World May Be Headed for a Fragmented ‘Splinternet’

Davey Alba at Wired muses that we are headed towards a “splinternet”: an internet that is different depending on the country of origin. There are two unfortunate realities to this. First, this is already true, in his own acknowledgement. Second, it is inevitable. What’s worrying isn’t that there are different internets; it’s that there’s a max-censored one.


Grey Failures and the Quest for More Monitoring

A recent paper from Microsoft Research, Azure and John Hopkins University discusses the issues of troubles of grey failures. This is a type of cloud failure under some discussion, that I treat as follows: A grey failure is a problem that is affecting one or more applications deployed on a platform, that is detectable by those…