Facebook to produce own TV shows

Facebook has revealed plans to produce its own TV shows, talking with Hollywood studios and willing to pony up $3m per episode in order to get in on some of that exclusive TV-show goodness. According to Sky News, two shows are already in the works; a game show and a relationship drama.

Rumoured Galaxy Note8 details

VentureBeat claims to know the specs of the upcoming Galaxy Note8, and this one’s a doozie. Launching at €1000, this makes it the priciest Samsung launch to date, and within spitting distance of the €1020 iPhone 7 plus (128). That much money buys a phone with… a better screen, 6gb RAM, unspecified storage and dual back cameras. The phone is expected to launch late September.

CEO Zuckerberg tweaks Facebook mission to focus on groups

Reuters reports that Facebook is tweaking its mission to focus on groups, the Facebook feature that creates online communities. This is an excellent choice, as it is well known that building online communities increases stickiness. This allows Facebook to try to dissuade people from leaving it for new social networks.

ThyssenKrupp demonstrates horizontal elevators

German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp has released a video (embedded above) demonstrating their new vertical-slash-horizontal dynamic elevator system, MULTI. This is effectively a set of self-driving elevators, where each cabin has its own electric motor. It is due to be installed in a development called East Side Tower in Berlin, Germany. The tower is due to open in 2020.