Nokia 6 Amazon Edition: A look at the ad-enhanced phone

The Nokia 6: Amazon Edition is here, right in time for Prime Day. Unfortunately, for me, the Prime Day deals were less-than-impressive, so I entertained myself instead greatly with unboxing, looking at, and gathering first impressions of the Nokia 6 handset. Not just any Nokia 6, but the Nokia 6 with Amazon Ads Edition. I’ll…

Whole Foods as Datacenters: Does it make sense?

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods continues to make ripples, with the latest one being quite unexpected. Dean Bubley of Disruptive Wireless speculates Amazon may turn these locations into mini data centers. This is unlikely for an array of reasons.

Streaming 2.0: The Quest for More TV

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One in 2013, it was to the fanfare of TV and sports, with a smattering of Call of Duty at the end. It was utterly ridiculed for that “sin” and has not recovered since. Yet, in the intermediary period we have seen the rise of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Originals.…

Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Amazon’s rollout of its store and store tracking technology might just become faster with the purchase of Whole Foods, the upscale grocery retailer. They are keeping the current CEO, and expect to close the deal in the latter half of this year, so there is little information on their current plans.