Cheap labor being replaced by robots. The surprise is… none.

Bloomberg reports that Chinese factories are increasingly turning to automation in order to combat wage pressure and rising wages for the Chinese laborers. They are noting that factories with a higher margins are dealing with the wage increases and investing in automation, while for example textile manufacturers are increasingly looking to move to cheaper locations.

Facebook to produce own TV shows

Facebook has revealed plans to produce its own TV shows, talking with Hollywood studios and willing to pony up $3m per episode in order to get in on some of that exclusive TV-show goodness. According to Sky News, two shows are already in the works; a game show and a relationship drama.

Rumoured Galaxy Note8 details

VentureBeat claims to know the specs of the upcoming Galaxy Note8, and this one’s a doozie. Launching at €1000, this makes it the priciest Samsung launch to date, and within spitting distance of the €1020 iPhone 7 plus (128). That much money buys a phone with… a better screen, 6gb RAM, unspecified storage and dual back cameras. The phone is expected to launch late September.

Walmart telling vendors to not use AWS

The Wall Street Journal published an article telling their vendors to not use AWS for services that Walmart is consuming. Quoting Snowflake Computing, the company was apparently told not to run on AWS. It may less of an epic fight and more of Walmart avoiding leaking company data.

OnePlus caught cheating on OnePlus 5 benchmarks

Xda-developers has a detailed post out on how the OnePlus 5 cheats on Android benchmarks. This is similar to how many Android manufacturers cheated back in 2013, when Anandtech revealed that Samsung was doing it, followed by pretty much all the rest. Well, the game is on again, with the OnePlus 5 being christened the…

Spaces for More Money

Stack Overflow has fired a volley into the age-old discussion of tabs vs spaces. Their contribution boils down to a simple premise – based on their survey, developers using spaces earn statistically significant more money. They are promising to give access to the raw data “soon”.