Building Twitcher for WordPress

When designing the blog, WordPress came with the tools I needed for article-based content, but it did not cover how to create many links and display in a short, updated manner. I go over how I added it on with just a few plugins.

Using the Speex codec in Java

JSpeex is a Java implementation of the Speex codec. By default, Java ships with either no encoding or the venerable G.711 encoders. However, if you want to store a bit of a larger data set, well, you’re out of luck. This is a problem for me, as I wanted to store a lot of spoken data in a little space. Luckily, the Speex codec is right for that, but it wasn’t as easy to get it into my project as I wanted.

Making WordPress fly on a single host

WordPress is an awesome tool for blogging. It is extremely feature rich out of the box, is complemented by a swath of plugins for any functionality it doesn’t have, and if that still isn’t enough it’s possible to edit and tweak down to the smallest detail to make it absolutely perfect for what you have in…

Nokia 6 Amazon Edition: A look at the ad-enhanced phone

The Nokia 6: Amazon Edition is here, right in time for Prime Day. Unfortunately, for me, the Prime Day deals were less-than-impressive, so I entertained myself instead greatly with unboxing, looking at, and gathering first impressions of the Nokia 6 handset. Not just any Nokia 6, but the Nokia 6 with Amazon Ads Edition. I’ll…


Grey Failures and the Quest for More Monitoring

A recent paper from Microsoft Research, Azure and John Hopkins University discusses the issues of troubles of grey failures. This is a type of cloud failure under some discussion, that I treat as follows: A grey failure is a problem that is affecting one or more applications deployed on a platform, that is detectable by those…

Deep Learning: A superficial look

Deep Learning is the machine intelligence du jour, being peddled from the largest companies to the smallest startups. Google claims it’s backing their search, Niantic claims to be using it to sniff out cheaters, and Apple is, well, Apple-ish about it. If we cut away the buzz, what is it and why is it important?

Free speech in a post-factual world

The Internet has been a great equalising force as a platform for the spread of opinion, and it can take many shapes or forms, growing unexpectedly or quietly ignored. For many years, this meant a spread of ideas, opinions, software, music, movies, books, drugs and many other wares that spanned the full spectrum of both…